Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tulips from Keukenhoff - Holland Part 2

April 2009,

Another set of Pictures from Keukenhoff. We missed the field this time as we went by the last week of April.It depends on the season so always check the official website for timelines for that particular year before you plan a trip. Enjoy this virtual treat.

Tulips from Keukenhoff - Holland Part 1

April 2011.

Keukenhoff is the Tulip garden of the world. The gardens were absolutely amazing , they were neatly arranged and the colour combination was breathtaking. Its ideal to visit the gardens by 2nd week of April when the flowers are in full bloom. We went there twice during our three year stay in Belgium. Loved every bit of it. These pictures were taken with our regular sony cybershot camera.

Will post some taken more pictures taken with the DSLR when we visited the same place couple of years back in 2009.

On the Way to the Garden...

In front of the sovenier shop ..these were wooden Tulips in the cute are they

Orange Tulip fields..early bulb stage

My favorite colour..

My favorite picture :) BTW thats a Waffle Stand...

Brought back nostalgic memories when I saw this garden in "Nanban" movie "Aska Laska" song.